The State Forest Community Action Network unites communities, public entities, forest workers, and other stakeholders in support of active state forest management and strong connections between local people and local forest resources.

We believe that the people who live and work in and around state forests should have a voice in how these forest are managed and play a meaningful role in determining their future. Our members include local governments and other public entities that receive timber revenues from State Trust Lands as well as local businesses, natural resources workers, and individuals concerned with decreasing timber harvests and increasing marginalization of local residents from state forest management decision-making

For decades, local communities have harvested and processed wood from state forests and aided in their protection and recovery from wildfire. These communities enjoy a symbiotic relationship with state forests and support responsible timber harvesting that provides not only revenue for public services but economic opportunities for local workers and a variety of recreational and wildlife benefits.  We advocate for continued active management on state forestlands to support healthy forests, quality schools and public services, opportunities for local businesses, and year-round family-wage jobs.

We provide information on the social impacts of state forest management and help our members engage with the Oregon Department of Forestry, the Board of Forestry, and legislators on policy and management issues that directly affect local communities.

This web site was developed in partnership with Oregon Forests Forever.

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